Are you odd?

    We are, and proud.

  • Board

    The first owners of the project, the dreamers and builders who one day decided to unify one entire generation.

  • Darío Villena



    Consultant specialized in Internet of Things.


    Founder of Odder.

    Héctor Cuenca

    Vice President


    Humanist/Theoretical. Entrepreneur. Speaker.



    2016 - First Director of Odder.

    Elena Audi

    Adviser to Chairman


    Business Developer & Consultant.

    Winner of the Premi de Recerca Jove of the Catalan Government.

    Mentored by Google.


    2015- First Head of Business Development and Institutional Relations at Odder.

    2017 - Director of Odder


    Iñigo Porres

    Consultant. Best grade in his class. Lawyer and economist.


    2016 - Odder Madrid Director.



    Raquel Chasserot

    Three-time winner Lliga Vives of Inter-University Debate.


    Winner of the Best Young Lawyer rating, Oviedo Debate League '16 CGDJ.


    2016 - Odder's First Legality Officer.

    Marina Vallejo

    Journalist, Singer, Communicator, Actress.


    2015 - First Press and Communication Officer at Odder.

    Aleix Amorós

    Day Trader & Market Analyst.

    International Lecturer.


    2015 - First Head of Corporate Relations at Odder.

    Alex Berenguer

    Photographer. Entrepreneur. Creative.


    2015 - First Head of Art & Audiovisuals at Odder.

  • Our team

    The ones who are making things happen!

    Elena Audi

    Adviser to Chairman

    Fina Mateo

    Director Odder Community

    Stefan Pahon

    Director Odder Social

    Jordi Alegre

    CEO of Odder

    Adrián Ager

    Director Odder Transformation

    Héctor Cuenca

    Director Projects

    Paulina Segura

    Associate RRHH

    Pol Salat

    Associate Expansion

    Àlex Berenguer

    Art & Visuals

    Jorge Salas

    Content Manager

  • About us

    Constantly seeking the excellence.

    That's how we do it.


    We are the only ones crazy enough who envision creating a network that links the youth talent from a whole Generation. When you're really motivated, everything is possible; and our passion for what we do is what give us that motivation.


    We do what we do because we're passionate about it; if not, it'd be impossible to find such a motivation (see above). Therefore, everything we do is alligned with our primary mission and values to the last detail: We couldn't (and wouldn't want to) do it any other way.


    Our mission is not about ourselves, but about a whole generation. We created this Network to make a better world for everyone and this is, above everything else, our main objective, what drives us on and inspires us everyday to do our best.


    They are our most important asset.

    Estefanía Fernández

    Winner Estudiantes con Talento

    Núria Espinosa

    Planeta Impro

    Daniel Vázquez

    Coach, Journalist, Graphic Designer

    Roger Franch

    Ideas Generator


    Marc Soldevila

    Marketing & Innovation


    Joel Majem

    International Relations


    Nuria Audi

    Video & Marketing

    Marc Ferreiro

    Backend & Web Developer


    Marketing & Design Brand

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