• Connecting one entire generation


  • Why?


    Odder appears in response to a social problem, the perception of failure in one generation.

    The idea of the lost generation.

    We believe our society needs references of talent, commitment and change.

    References of the true impact of young individuals which are shaping the world.

    We want to inspire curiosity and show the world the amazing talent we have in our generation.

    We’re not here to set the rules, or to claim we know the right way to move forward.

    Our humble goal is to inspire critical thinking.

    To shine light on odd, brave, edgy, inspirational and authentic stories that empower people.

    Maybe a little crazier. A little fearless. A little foolish.

    Just a little different.


  • What We Do

    Odder is where tomorrow is realized .


    We simply connect

    We work as a community; helping each other and achieving common goals. Connecting people and networking is in our genes.That's why we promote reliable synergies among top talented people: Jobs, partnerships, ventures, acquisitions, grants...





    A refreshing mixture combining inspiring speakers together with live music, theatre and arts.

    All of this harmonised with free beer, resulting on one of the best events according to our guests' opinion.


    We help youth

    We are non profit, all our benefits are intended for the new generations, for youth. The aim of Odder is to get one entire generation to collaborate and also help the next ones.

    We support social initiatives and promote a behavioural change in our society.





    We assure opportunities for influential investors to connect with top talent researchers and startups from Spain, in a non-commercial environment.





    Top talent people in our country

    We have the experts of one entire generation. Our members are young, but the most talented ones in the country's every field, tourism, music, drones, medicine, theatre, IoT, education, gastronomy ...



    They are future

    We deliver talks and activities to students in their final years of high school to help them develop the entrepreneurial mindset.




    V.I.P. Experiences

    Exclusivity stamp

    Meet up with other talented members from the Odder network in the most exclusive, synergy-focused events to provide real added value into your company or project.







    We believe our society needs references of talent, commitment and change. References of the true impact of young individuals which are shaping the world.


  • Victor Küppers

    "Juntar gente con la actitud correcta aumenta exponencialmente tus oportunidades.

    En Odder se nutren entre ellos, creciendo y maximizando su talento, mediante la interacción y el aprendizaje.

    La Generación Odder ha venido para quedarse."


    Rosaura Alastruey

    "Odder es una de las mejores herramientas que existen para jóvenes en Barcelona, sobre todo si hablamos de networking.

    Estamos viviendo una situación social-profesional de cambio constante y eso nos obligará a re-inventarnos constantemente. Yo les digo siempre a mis alumnos que dejen de buscar empleo y se pongan a buscar proyectos. Y para ello, no se puede tener solo contactos de un mismo sector porque si ese sector entra en crisis, todos los contactos sirven de poco."

    Borja Vilaseca

    "Odder es un cambio de paradigma: Jóvenes excepcionales juntos y colaborando para cambiar las cosas; todos con sus diferencias, características y rarezas, ayudándose unos a otros y lanzando proyectos.

    No podemos resolver un problema desde el mismo nivel de comprensión en el que lo creamos; Odder rompe todos esos niveles al unir comprensiones distintas."


    "You have to be ODD to be number one" - Dr. Seuss




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