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    The most talented people in our generation.

    Nuria Espinosa

    Planeta Impro

    Pau Sendra

    CEO Fundador Waynabox

    Irene Benedicto

    Periodista. EFE.

    Premio Charlie Ericksen.

    Javier Rodríguez Macías

    Bioo, Arkyne technologies

    Estefanía Fernández

    Biotecnóloga. Premio estudiantes con Talento

    Kiko Germain

    Fundador Petits Detalls. Premio príncipe Gerona.

    Raquel Chasserot

    Tres veces ganadora liga Vives; Mejor oradora España.

    Josu Rubio

    Blockchain specialist. Developer.

    Pau García Milà

    Founder at IdeaFoster, eyeOS​

    Elena Audi

    Premi jove recerca Generalitat.

    Enric Verdaguer

    Músico. Premios musicales varios.

    Xavi Martinez

    Tecnomagos. Abracadapp. David Copperfield partner.

    Derek Lou

    Asociado Cuatrecases. Venture capitalist.

    Alex Romani

    GrouApp, TEDx Gràcia


    Roige Brunet

    Ganador 40 principales music award.

    Veronica Orozco

    Capptains Venture Builder, ONG India

    Marc Homs

    De los IQ más altos de España.

    Guillem Bargalló

    Co-fundador Eureka startups. Consultor Estrategia MKT Digital.

    Iara Alejandra
    Directora AIESEC Switzeland


    Laia Orozco

    Emprendedora social

    Martí Ruiz

    Social Media Manager & Influencer

    Pau Amigó

    Investigador IESE

    Alex Álvarez

    Abogado Cuatrecases

    Laura Suárez


    Carlos Rodríguez

    Beat.bcn, Inhours

    Irina Bravo


    Adrià Arbués


    Andreu Enfedaque

    Pump-It Nanotech

    Mery Turiel


    Marc Molins

    Live Further

    Ariadna Gelabert


    Bàrbara Ardanuy


    Carla Pan

    Import-export. ESCI


    Iñigo Porres


    Marina Aisa

    UI/UX Designer

    Carles Ribes

    Amelie/ Inny/ Micompañerodeviaje

    Dani Jimenez


    Bertrand Regader

    Psicologia y mente

    Jordi Llonch

    Sharing Academy

    Edgar Ybargüengoitia


    Arnau Navarro

    Co-Founder & Business Developer en Grou App

    Belén Piñeiro

    Profesora. Escritora

    Calaudia Toral

    Co-founder MindingMinds

    Andrea Viñas

    YouthSpeak Forum

    David Riudor

    Mag Dariu. Tecnomagos. Abracadapp.

    Joel Majem

    International Relations


    Àlex Purull


    Josu Rubio




    An introduction to the Odder Community

    Top Talent Network

    Since its origins, Odder was meant to be the most influencing multi-sectorial community within the territory formed by more than 250 outstanding people between 15 and 30 years old from Barcelona and the rest of the country.


    After a consolidation process, we have some of the most awesome lawyers, musicians, artists, humanists, analysts, influencers, developers, entrepreneurs, students, professors or investors among our network.

    Changing the status quo

    Odder has become a pioneering initiative given that there wasn't any organization so far that ensured a cross-sectorial youth talent community to meet each other. What is more, we have re-designed the concept of networking, from an informal and tedious format to a professional and flexible one, ensuring a permanent connection within the members of the network.


    We're gonna show up to the world that we're not a Lost Generation. Instead, we'll raise the voice as the New Generation. And we are here to create value throught collaborations.

    Identifying the Talent

    We look for weirdos. It is, crazy individuals with ambition and passion for what they do.

    The ones who didn't give up when others did. The ones who know which is their added value and maximize it.

    Talent in Odder implies uniqueness; and unique people recognize each other.

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