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    Odder Synergies

    May 2017

    Young talents from a wide range of work fields, split in 6 groups to discuss about future trends. At the same time, they build up connections that may produce synergies between them.


    October 2017

    The most reliable and impactful youth event in Barcelona.
    An explosive cocktail mixing the Odder essence together with the most influencing Youth Organizations, political institutions and private sector representatives.

    Odder B-Up

    ...Coming soon

    An event where a selected group of start-ups founded by youngers can find the financing and assets they need in order to grow. Also, a place to connect young talent with consolidated professionals creating mentorship.

    Odder Bright

    ...Coming soon

    An event that awakens the talent of among a young generation. At the same time they develop new ideas and do networking between them.

  • Odder Launch - 2015

    Our presentation letter in front of 100 assistants where we exposed the quinquennial Odder project to the world and the added value we aimed to create with our actions.

    Odder Rise - 2015

    The first official event promoted by Odder following the inauguration. It was the first multi-sectorial event, where assistants not only got inspired but also connected among each other in order to incentive relevant synergies.

    Odder Outbreak - 2016

    2016 began with the biggest event we have done so far. Almost 200 people gathered together in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy an afternoon of meaningful stories, live show and networking.
    In addition, we provided a platform to give voice to entrepreneurial projects ran by youngsters through elevator pitches and interviews.

    Odder Synergies - 2016

    Our most original and smallest event: Just 62 selected youngsters, some of the most talented in their field, coming together and connecting at separated tables where they discussed the problems and solutions of the future of every sector while creating synergies between them and with our senior mentors.

  • Dream builders

    "Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended" - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Your idea. Your event.

    Unconventional customized events for YOU

    You choose the topic, a minimum number of assistants and the type of synergies you want to create. Odder contributes with people, infrastructure, accomodation and media. Together, we make it happen.

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